Hyperfertility & Infertility

Pretty much if not everyone has a general idea of what infertility means — the inability to conceive a child, but what about hyperfertility? You’d probably think it means that certain people are “lucky” and are able to essentially conceive whenever they want, they get the big families if they chose, they get the children women who suffer with infertility want so desperately. Well, if that is what you are thinking it means, you would be wrong.

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What is a birth plan & the reality of the unexpected

You may have seen birthplans while looking around on the internet, been asked to create one by your hospital or birth center or had it mentioned by your doctor/ midwife or in prenatal classes. So, what exactly is it and what does it entail? A birth plan is something totally personal to each individual woman or couple and can include pretty much any aspect to the birth process. Here is a quick low-down of what mine was along with whether or not it worked out according to plan

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What people don’t tell you about miscarriages

After years of loss my husband and I got our rainbow baby in March, I consider Jori to be my miracle child and I treasure her more than anything in the world. I, however, can’t help but wonder how different our family would be if her siblings had survived.

I am in a rare situation, I have a condition called an incompetent cervix, I have no problem getting pregnant, however, when I do the chances of a successful pregnancy and delivery are very small. Before I had Jori I didn’t share much about my losses, nor have I really since she was born ( I did mention it to the nurse after she was born), that shame of not being able to do what my body is designed to do is one of the things that nobody tells you about fetal loss.

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Top 10 Must Haves for Newborns

When I was pregnant I read so many posts like this. As a first time mom I had noooo idea what I needed for my daughter. Some of the things I got I used and loved, others really weren’t used and just sat in a corner some where. So here are MY top 10s in order from 10 to 1. This post is not sponsored in anyway by amazon or any of the companies that sell/make the items. Also would like to point out that there are a couple very obvious essentials that are not included in this post, diapers, wipes, burp clothes etc. Those are a given and therefore are not included in this list.

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